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Android Apps Development Tutorials and Programs

  • Android is a mobile operating system, similar to Symbian, iOS, Windows® Mobile, and others.

  • It was initially developed by Android Inc., a company later purchased by Google.

  • It is now owned by the Open Handset Alliance and is fully open sourced, accounting for its growing popularity.

  • Google released most of the Android code under the Apache License.

  • With this license, vendors can add proprietary extensions without submitting them back to the open source community.

  • Many versions of Android have hit the market since its inception (the most recent as of Q4 2013), including the power-packed Kitkat (V4.4).

  • Android has moved beyond simply being a platform for mobile devices; the new Google TV also runs on Android.

  • Android uses a modified Linux® kernel and allows applications to be developed in Java™ technology using Java libraries (some of which were developed by Google for Android).


Prerequisite for Android Apps Development

  • This tutorial is for absolute starters to learn Android Apps development, knowledge of Core Java is must. You can visit our Basic Java or Advance Java from here.

Android Apps Development Tutorials and programs, topics as follows

1. Android App Development Tutorials
2. Introduction Tutorials
3. Prerequisites Tutorials
4. Android SDK Installation Tutorials
5. Eclipse IDE Tutorials
6. ADT Plugin Tutorials
7. Terms and Terminologies Tutorials
8. Android Virtual Device Tutorials
9. Creation of Android Project Tutorials
10. Android Package Explorer Tutorials
11. Layouts Tutorials
12. Analysis of main.xml Tutorials
13. Formatting the Text Tutorials
14. Analysis of main.xml Tutorials
15. Buttons Tutorials
16. Setting ID Tutorials
17. Referencing the XML IDs Tutorials
18. Running the Application Tutorials
19. Backgrounds and Resources Tutorials
20. Setting Up An Activity Tutorials
21. Starting an Activity with Intent Tutorials
22. Cycle of an Activity Tutorials
23. Activity Life Cycle Tutorials
24. Adding Music with MediaPlayer Tutorials
25. EditText and ToggleButton Tutorials
26. EditText and ToggleButton Tutorials
27. EditText and ToggleButton Tutorials
28. ListView Tutorials
29. ListView Application Example Tutorials
30. Email Application Tutorials
31. Camera Application Tutorials
32. Radio Buttons Tutorials
33. Passing Data between Activities Tutorials
34. Menu Tutorials
35. Options Menu Tutorials
36. Application with Options Menu Tutorials
37. Storage Options Tutorials
38. Preferences Tutorials
39. CheckBoxPreference Tutorials
40. Landscape Layout Tutorials
41. Custom Buttons Tutorials
42. Custom View Tutorials
43. Custom SurfaceView Tutorials
44. Motion Events and Motion Actions Tutorials
45. More about Animations Tutorials
46. Sensors Tutorials
47. Adding Music using SoundPool Tutorials
48. More with XML Tutorials
49. Tabs Tutorials
50. WebView Tutorials
51. View Flipper Tutorials
52. Shared Preferences Tutorials
53. FileInputStream and FileOutputStreams Tutorials
54. Async Task Class Tutorials
55. External Storage Tutorials
56. Toast Tutorials
57. Table Layout Tutorials
58. SQLite Database Tutorials
59. Widgets Tutorials
60. More with Content Providers Tutorials
61. Fragments Tutorials
62. Android Uploading Application Tutorials
63. Becoming a Market Publisher Tutorials

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