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Android SDK Installation tutorials

What is Android SDK

  • Everyone wants to program on Android; unfortunately, not everyone knows quite how to get started with their development environment.

  • Google has put out both the Android SDK and the Android ADT in order to help developers integrate Android into their dev environment as well as facilitate more Android development.

  • In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to set up a development environment for Android so you can start creating projects.

  • Android SDK and Android ADT are essentials that you will need to include in your Android Developer Toolbox for use with many things, and can be a very powerful set of components from the simple, to the complicated.



Installation Steps

  • Download the latest Android SDK from the official site:

  • You can also download the adt-bundle which will also include Eclipse along with ADT Plugin and SDK

  • After the download has completed, extract the files in any folder u want but make sure there is no space character in the file path.

  • Open the SDK and choose the SDK platform you want to install. You can also install add ons, documentation and code samples.



  • After selection in the previous step, click on Install selected and the SDK installation will then begin.


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