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Android Uploading Application tutorials


Finalize Everything

  • Test the application properly in all scenarios.

  • Check if its stable and performs efficiently.

  • Select the appropriate SDK compatibility.

  • Make sure appropriate permissions have been given.

  • Go through your project and remove any logging calls, old log files, private data and unwanted resource files.


Sign and ZIP your application

  • One of very important distribution requirements is that Android applications must be digitally signed with a certificate that the developer holds. This is used to ensure the authenticity of an application, so itís important that you pick a strong password for your private key and ensure that you keep it safe.

  • So to start off, youíll need a private key in order to sign your final APK file, as the debug key that IDEs use sign your compiled apps by default canít be used.

  • If youíre using Eclipse, you can use the Export Wizard, a friendly GUI-based tool. Even if you use a different IDE, it might prove to save a lot of time if you use Eclipse for exporting your application, unless of course your IDE offers the same functionality.

  • Select the project and select File > Export.

  • Open the Android drop-down and select Export Android Application

  • Follow the wizardís steps to compile, sign and ZIP-align your application.

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  • You may create a new keystore or chose an existing one.

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