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Creation of Android Project tutorials

Android Project

  • An Android Project consists of all the files that contain the source code of the application. This topic will show you how to create an Android Project in Eclipse. In this tutorial, we will create a basic Hello Android Application that simply prints “Hello World” on the screen.



  • Open Eclipse, click on File > New > Android Application Project.

  • Enter the fields.

  • Application name is the name of your application

  • Project name is the name of the project directory.

  • Package name is the package namespace of the application. All the package names should be unique in the android application system. For eg: we can use the name com.example.myfirstapp. The package name should basically follows the java syntax. The reverse domain name of the organization is used generally to keep the name of the package unique.

  • Min SDK is the lowest version of API that all the application will support.

  • Target SDK is the most recent API version that the application has been tested on.

  • Compile with is that platform version with which you will compile the application. Generally this is the most recent API version so as to test the application with the latest devices and hence add additional functionality for latest devices.

  • Theme is related to the UI of the application.

  • On clicking next you can make the application launcher icon.





  • Next select the appropriate Activity and then click Next. After that default activity name and also the default layout name and the Navigation type.



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