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BUS TOPOLOGY tutorials




  • In Bus Topology computers are connected in series. The devices are connected by single cable, which runs throughout the network. At end of the cable, on both the side it must end with “Terminator”. Technically it is 50 ohms Terminator which specify the end of cable. Here we used to have “THIN CO-AXIAL cable”, that used to connect the NIC [Network Interface Card] with “BNC T connector” and the speed was around 10 MBPS.

  • NIC was referred as 10BASE2, with maximum segment length 200 mtr [650 feets] connecting maximum 30 devices. By using 4 Repeaters, one can join 5 cables for total cable length of 3,250 feet and total nodes allowed are 150.



1) It is inexpensive to install BUS topology as less wire are used

2) You can very easily add more workstation

3) It is well suitable for small network of 2 to 10 devices.



1) If one cable breaks, full network is down

2) It is difficult to find where problem lies in above case.

3) Only limited number of devices can be attached.

4) Speed of network is only 10 MBPS

5) This type of network is not recommended for new installation.

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