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  • In single ring topology in a dual-ring topology

  • The data travels in only one direction the data travels in two direction

  • As name implies, a ring topology in connected in the form of ring like circle. It has no beginning or end and it doesn’t need terminator.

  • When the first ring network was installed, they used a single cable shared by all the devices and data travels in one direction like a merry-go-round. Each device waits for its turn and then transmits. When the data reaches its destination, another device can transmit.

  • Later on dual-ring topology was developed. This allows two rings to send data, each in a different direction. This allows more packets to travel over network.



  • Data packets can travel at greater speed as compare to bus topology

  • There are no collisions.

  • No terminators are needed.



  • It require more cable than a bus network

  • A break in cable will bring the whole network down.

  • When you want to add device to ring, all devices are suspended from using network till you finish your job.

  • It is not as popular bus topology or star topology.

  • Equipment required are not easily available.


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