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  • A physical star topology is installed in the shape like star. Here all cables are connected to central point a hub or switch and other end is connected to PCs.



  • If a star network is expanded to by adding additional switch, connected to main switch as shown below, it is called extended star topology.



  • Advantages:

  • A failure of one cable or cable break will affect one computer only, it won’t bring down entire network.

  • It is very easy to add new device, without affecting other computer working

  • It provide centralized management

  • It gives fastest network transmission speed and choice from 10, 100 or 1000 mbps

  • Most popular topology and components are widely available.

  • Disadvantage

  • It requires more wire and efforts to set cabling.

  • Cost of wire and equipments are higher than bus topology

  • The failure of central hub or switch can bring down entire network.

  • NOTE: Despite disadvantages, today Star network is most commonly used network topology.

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