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SWITCH tutorials

  • Switch is a hub-like device that reads the destination address in the header of an Ethernet packet and redirects the packet to the proper destination port.

  • By sending the packets only to the destination port and not all other ports, an Ethernet switch increases the amount of data that can be transmitted on the network at one time.

  • Switch are available in various capacity of 4 / 8 / 16 / 24 / 48 / 98 ports.




  • It reduces the collisions on the network.

  • It improve performance on the backbone

  • Provide improved security

  • Allow to monitor and control traffic using SNMP


Unmanaged switch

Managed switch

They do not require management of ports

Needs to manage port.

They offer lowest cost per port

They are not as low as unmanaged switch

Suitable for network which remain static or not expected to grow

Suitable for large organization


Provide easiest and least expensive solution for LAN access

One can use software to monitor performance, analyze traffic, provide security, turn off specific interface.


Managed switch can be controlled using SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

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