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<H> ....</H> tag tutorials

  • This is a paired tag element. It requires opening and closing tag.

  • This stands for Heading Number. HTML supports 6 levels of Heading. Headings are numbered from 1 to 6. This is used to give different look for paragraph, Title, Content of text.

NOTE: <H1> is the Largest Heading while,<H6> is the Smallest Heading.

  • ALIGN = LEFT / RIGHT / CENTER: This attribute of Heading help us to position text on LEFT / RIGHT / CENTER side of the screen.

  • TITLE = Tool tip message: This attribute of Heading specifies the alternate message. So, when one place mouse is over the Heading, browser will display tool tip over the Heading.




<h number>some text</h number >



Example: HTML program to show different heading size available

Example: HTML program to show heading alignment and tool tip


Note: In the above example on heading 4 line move mouse to see the tool tip message popup.

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