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HTML Tags<> tutorials

Tags are instructions that help browser to format text of the documents. HTML tag provides instructions to the browser to do something special for the enclosed text.

By convention all HTML tags begin with less than sign (<) and close with Greater than sign (>).

There are 2 types of Tags.

Paired Tags.

Singular Tags.

Paired Tags: Most of the tags are used in pair. It has starting tag <…> is known as Opening Tag and Ending Tag with slash sign like </…> is known as Closing Tag. For e.g. tags like <B>………….</B> is used to display text in Bold, similarly tag like <U>………….. </U> is used to display text in underline.

Singular Tags: These types of tag are stand-alone tags, it do not require closing tags. For example tags like <BR> it stands for Line break, <P> stands for new paragraph etc.


NOTE: Some HTML tags do requires extra Attributes. For e.g. tags like <FONT> have extra attributes, like FACE, COLOR & SIZE. These attributes are used to specify extra settings to be applied on Text or images.

NOTE: HTML tags can be used either in Uppercase or Lowercase. It doesn’t matter to HTML file. To Browser tags like <HR>&<hr> both are equivalent. However typing tags in Capital letters makes it clear while editing document later on.

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