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Starting HTML Programming tutorials

  • The HTML file is basically made up of simple text along with some tags that identify how the text should be formatted. Remember that Html code is just a plain ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Text file.

  • HTML is not case sensitive.

  • You can type HTML program in any text editor like NOTEPAD, EDIT or even in Microsoft Word. Notepad is the default Windows text editor. For Linux you could use Komodo Edit, Bluefish, NetBeans, Phpstrom, Gphedit. Same way for Mac you could use NetBeans, Eclipse, Bluefish, Amaya and so on.

  • You can go to most any shareware/freeware site and pick yourself up a zippy new text editor, many of them being free. For the time being though, Notepad will do quite nicely.

  • Following are the steps given to type HTML program in NOTEPAD and Test it.

  • Select START – PROGRAMS - ACCESSORY - NOTEPAD to start Microsoft Notepad program. Start typing program in NOTEPAD.

  • After you have completed html program, apply option FILE – SAVE. It asks for file name and Folder name where you want to save it. Choose appropriate folder where you want to save the HTML file and give file name with extension like Filename.html or Filename.htm.

  • Next step will be to test your html file.

  • Start Google Chrome, Press Ctrl + O, it opens Explorer window. Start MICROSOFT Internet Explorer (IE). If you are working in IE then apply option FILE – OPEN and if you are working in NE apply option FILE – OPEN FILE. Select appropriate folder where you have saved Html files and click OK. It will display result of Html on the screen.

  • If there are any errors in html file or you want any modifications, Click on MINIMIZE Button to come out of IE or NE Browser. Start Notepad as explain in 1st step. Open HTML program in NOTEPAD by applying FILE OPEN. Make necessary changes and Save the file again using FILE SAVE option. Click on MINIMIZE button to reduce notepad size. Click on IE or NE button from taskbar to maximize it.

  • To preview latest change, Click on REFRESH button or Press function key F5 in Internet Explorer or Reload current page or Ctrl + R in Netscape to test program again.

  • Perform step no 4 and 5 again for every changes made in HTML program.

Note: Length of the File name depends upon the platform the user is operating. While File extension can be given as .HTM or .HTML

Note: One thing you should avoid though is to use a word processor for authoring your HTML docs. If you don’t save file as a plain text html file, it will probably save in the word processor format and won't render in a browser. Though simple ASCII TEXT only editor is available, you want to use your favorite Microsoft WORD for typing HTML program, it should be saved using FILE SAVE AS option and choose file type as “Web page”

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