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<TABLE> .. </TABLE> tag tutorials

  • This is a paired tag. It requires opening and closing tags.

  • In day-to-day life, you must have come across different types of tables like MARKSHEET, SCHOOL & COLLEGE TIME TABLE or CALENDAR Etc. Tables are used to display data in tabular format on screen. It denotes purposeful meaning to users. Advance users may use different Database software like EXCEL, FOXPRO, MS-SQL or ORACLE to store large volume of Data.

  • Usually tables are in the Rows and Columns. One may use Header to make it decent. If you want to precise format and perfect web layout, you must master, each and every technique of Table formatting. Most of the advance techniques in web layout are based on Table.

  • There are 4 Tags, which goes side by side are listed below.


Sr No





Used to define start and End of Table



Used to display Table Header in Bold text



Used to display data in Rows



Used to display data in Columns





<tr><th>table header</th></tr>

<tr><td>column data or some html tag</td></tr>




Example: HTML program to create table which contain list of course

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