1. Java-overview 2. Features of Java 3. History of Java 4. HW SW Req for Java SE 7 5. Java Environment Setup 6. Basic Requirement 7. Comments 8. My First Program in Java 9. Line Break 10. Escape Sequences 11. Literals in Java 12. Identifiers in Java 13. Variables in Java 14. Data-Types in Java 15. Declare Variables 16. Reserved Key Words 17. printf() 18. Chained & Embedded state 19. print sum of 2 nos 20. Scanner class 21. print sum & average 22. Area & Perimeter of Rectangle 23. Area Circumference of Circle 24. Prg.for Simple Calculator 25. Operatos in Java 26. Ex. Of Operators 27. Swap two numbers 28. Hierarchy of Operators 29. if( ) statement 30. check +ve,-ve or zero 31. if..else statement 32. check Odd or Even 33. print larger of 2 nos 34. print largest of 3 nos 35. check divisibility 36. check print range 37. for. . . loop statement 38. print series of nos 39. check divisibility 40. print sum of nos 41. print Pyramid 42. prg.for Factorial 43. fill screen 44. prg.for largest/smallest no 45. print reverse no 46. add each digit 47. prg.for sum of series 48. prg.for fibonacci series 49. check Prime nos 50. prg. Prime no from 1 to 100 51. prg.Specified Prime nos 52. while( ) statement 53. do. . While statement 54. break & continue statement 55. switch case statement 56. Array in Java 57. print reverse order using array 58. Ascending/Descending order 59. search no in Array 60. Multidimensional Array 61. String in Java 62. String with spaces 63. print string in reverse 64. prg. to count A,E,I,O,U vowel 65. User defined methods 66. Methods program example 67. General Purpose Programs 68. Loan & EMI calculation prg. 69. Table print prg. 70. Leap year program 71. lower to UPPER case prg. 72. Age Distribution prg. 73. Bank note calculation prg. 74. Simple Interest prg. 75. Compound Interest prg. 76. Simple Depreciation prg. 77. Reducing bal.Depreciation prg. 78. Marksheet prg. 79. Income Tax prg. 80. Time calculator prg. 81. Distance converter prg. 82. Volume Air Calculation prg. 83. Time to fill Water Tank prg. 84. Salary Calculation prg. 85. Total Sale Calculation prg. 86. Male/Female percentage prg. 87. Library Rent prg. 88. Office Expance prg. 89. Total Salary Calculation prg. 90. Profit or Loss prg. 91. Total Profit/Loss prg. 92. Palindrome program 93. Java Interview Part1 94. Java Interview Part2 95. Java Interview Part3 96. Java Interview Part4 97. Java Interview Part5 98. Java Interview Part6 99. Java Interview Part7 100. Java Interview Part8 101. Java Interview Part9 102. Java Interview Part10 103. Java Interview Part11
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Java Tutorials and Programs

  • Java is a simple, portable, distributed, robust, secure, dynamic, architecture neutral, object oriented programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystems.

  • Java is intended to let application developers Write Once, Run Any Where (WORA), meaning that code that runs on one platform does not need to be recompiled to run on another.

  • JAVA is one of the most popular programming languages in use as on date.

  • Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.

  • Initiated the Java language project in June 1991 was used in one of his many set-top box projects.

  • Java was originally designed for interactive television, but it was too advanced for the digital cable television industry at that time.

  • JAVA lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktop to servers, and devices from game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to tablet, mobiles devices to internet. JAVA is everywhere.

Prerequisite for JAVA

  • This tutorial is for absolute starters to learn JAVA who do not require any prerequisite JAVA knowledge.

  • This site also have tutorial from most casual user to advance JAVA users, including technical students from Science and Engineering field..

Compile / Execute JAVA Programs Tutorials

  • You can download and install Java JDK, set path and compile and Execute JAVA program, Click here for detailed JAVA Environment Setup.

    or simply you can use

  • You can use our LetMeTry Free Online JAVA Compiler and Execute program, Click here.

JAVA 100+ Tutorials and programs, topics as follows

1. Java-overview Tutorials program.
2. Features of Java Tutorials program.
3. History of Java Tutorials program.
4. HW SW Req for Java SE 7 Tutorials program.
5. Java Environment Setup Tutorials program.
6. Basic Requirement Tutorials program.
7. Comments Tutorials program.
8. My First Program in Java Tutorials program.
9. Line Break Tutorials program.
10. Escape Sequences Tutorials program.
11. Literals in Java Tutorials program.
12. Identifiers in Java Tutorials program.
13. Variables in Java Tutorials program.
14. Data-Types in Java Tutorials program.
15. Declare Variables Tutorials program.
16. Reserved Key Words Tutorials program.
17. printf() Tutorials program.
18. Chained & Embedded state Tutorials program.
19. print sum of 2 nos Tutorials program.
20. Scanner class Tutorials program.
21. print sum & average Tutorials program.
22. Area & Perimeter of Rectangle Tutorials program.
23. Area Circumference of Circle Tutorials program.
24. Prg.for Simple Calculator Tutorials program.
25. Operatos in Java Tutorials program.
26. Ex. Of Operators Tutorials program.
27. Swap two numbers Tutorials program.
28. Hierarchy of Operators Tutorials program.
29. if( ) statement Tutorials program.
30. check +ve,-ve or zero Tutorials program.
31. if..else statement Tutorials program.
32. check Odd or Even Tutorials program.
33. print larger of 2 nos Tutorials program.
34. print largest of 3 nos Tutorials program.
35. check divisibility Tutorials program.
36. check print range Tutorials program.
37. for. . . loop statement Tutorials program.
38. print series of nos Tutorials program.
39. check divisibility Tutorials program.
40. print sum of nos Tutorials program.
41. print Pyramid Tutorials program.
42. prg.for Factorial Tutorials program.
43. fill screen Tutorials program.
44. prg.for largest/smallest no Tutorials program.
45. print reverse no Tutorials program.
46. add each digit Tutorials program.
47. prg.for sum of series Tutorials program.
48. prg.for fibonacci series Tutorials program.
49. check Prime nos Tutorials program.
50. prg. Prime no from 1 to 100 Tutorials program.
51. prg.Specified Prime nos Tutorials program.
52. while( ) statement Tutorials program.
53. do. . While statement Tutorials program.
54. break & continue statement Tutorials program.
55. switch case statement Tutorials program.
56. Array in Java Tutorials program.
57. print reverse order using array Tutorials program.
58. Ascending/Descending order Tutorials program.
59. search no in Array Tutorials program.
60. Multidimensional Array Tutorials program.
61. String in Java Tutorials program.
62. String with spaces Tutorials program.
63. print string in reverse Tutorials program.
64. prg. to count A,E,I,O,U vowel Tutorials program.
65. User defined methods Tutorials program.
66. Methods program example Tutorials program.
67. General Purpose Programs Tutorials program.
68. Loan & EMI calculation prg. Tutorials program.
69. Table print prg. Tutorials program.
70. Leap year program Tutorials program.
71. lower to UPPER case prg. Tutorials program.
72. Age Distribution prg. Tutorials program.
73. Bank note calculation prg. Tutorials program.
74. Simple Interest prg. Tutorials program.
75. Compound Interest prg. Tutorials program.
76. Simple Depreciation prg. Tutorials program.
77. Reducing bal.Depreciation prg. Tutorials program.
78. Marksheet prg. Tutorials program.
79. Income Tax prg. Tutorials program.
80. Time calculator prg. Tutorials program.
81. Distance converter prg. Tutorials program.
82. Volume Air Calculation prg. Tutorials program.
83. Time to fill Water Tank prg. Tutorials program.
84. Salary Calculation prg. Tutorials program.
85. Total Sale Calculation prg. Tutorials program.
86. Male/Female percentage prg. Tutorials program.
87. Library Rent prg. Tutorials program.
88. Office Expance prg. Tutorials program.
89. Total Salary Calculation prg. Tutorials program.
90. Profit or Loss prg. Tutorials program.
91. Total Profit/Loss prg. Tutorials program.
92. Palindrome program Tutorials program.

Java Interview Questions and Answers

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Java Interview Question/Answer Part-8
Java Interview Question/Answer Part-9
Java Interview Question/Answer Part-10
Java Interview Question/Answer Part-11

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