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Advantage of JSP tutorials over other web technologies

JSP VS Servlets

  1. For generating a HTML document Servlets uses println statements which is a very difficult to use and in JSP there is no such task to maintain for generating HTML document.

  2. In JSP pages visual contents and business logic are separated, which is not possible in a servlet.

  3. Recompilation is done automatically when changes are made to JSP pages.

  4. JSP simplifies the web application with the help of Java Beans and custom tags.


JSP VS Active Server Pages(ASP)

  1. Both JSP and ASP allows you to embedded code in an HTML page, store a session in a session variable, database access and itís manipulation. Whereas ASP only found on Microsoft platforms and JSP can operate on any platform that conforms to the J2EE specification.

  2. ASP uses VBScript or another ASP-specific language and JSP uses Java which is more powerful object oriented and better suited to complex application that require reusable components.



  1. SSI supported technology for including externally defined pieces into a static web page. JSP is far better because it let you use servlets instead of a separate program to generate that dynamic part.

  2. SSI is not for real programs that uses database.



  1. JSP is capable to generate dynamic contain while HTML is not.

  2. JSP is so easy and convenient that it is quite reasonable to augment HTML pages that only benefit slightly by the insertion of dynamic data. 



  1. PHP is a free, open-source HTML-embedded scripting language that is somewhat similar to both ASP and JSP. The advantage of JSP is that the dynamic part is written in Java, which you probably already know to many programmers.


JSP VS Javascript

  1. Javascript which is completely distinct from the Java programming language is normally used to generate HTML dynamic ally on the client side.

  2. Javascript cannot interact with server side to perform complex task like image processing, data access etc.

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