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Oracle 11g Tutorials and Programs

  • The Oracle Database commonly referred as Oracle RDBMS, or Oracle, is an object-relational database management system, Developed and Marketed by Oracle Corporation.

  • Larry Ellision saw an opportunity, what other companies missed for relational database.

  • Larry Ellision, Bob Miner and Ed Oates, started S.D.L Software Development Laboratories in 1977.

  • Oracle Version 1, was written in Assembly Language, it run on PDP-11 system with only 128 kilobyte memory.

  • Oracle was initially named after "Project Oracle", a project for one of their clients, the C.I.A, and "Systems Development Labs", or SDL developed, original version of Oracle Software.

  • In 1979, SDL changed its company name to RSI, – Relational Software Inc.

  • In 1982 – RSI changed its name to Oracle Corporation.


Prerequisite for Oracle

  • This tutorial is for absolute starters to learn Oracle who do not require any prerequisite knowledge.

Execute SQL Query Tutorials

  • Although you may download and Install Oracle or any other Database on you computer to check SQL Query.

    Or Simply

  • You can use our LetMeTry Free Online SQL Query Execute program, Click here.


Oracle Tutorials and programs, topics as follows

1. Oracle 11g Tutorials
2. DBMS / Desktop Database Tutorials
3. RDBMS / Client Server Database Tutorials
4. Adv.of RDBMS over DBMS Tutorials
5. Overview of Oracle Tutorials
6. Oracle Versions Tutorials
7. Min.Hardware requirement Tutorials
8. Installing Oracle 11g on Win Tutorials
9. Installing Oracle 11g XE Tutorials
10 Starting Oracle Tutorials
11. Starting Oracle usign SQL developer Tutorials
12. Start and loggin as Administrator Tutorials
13. Oracle Server Technologies Tutorials
14. Database Tutorials
15. Database Structure Tutorials
16. Oracle Instance Tutorials
17. Oracle Application Server Tutorials
18. Database Tutorials
19. Database Physical Files Tutorials
20. Database Terms: Tutorials
21. Create new user/schema Tutorials
22. Creating the simple DB Tutorials
23. Database Connection Tutorials
24. Create new User Tutorials
25. Create new User using SQL worksheet Tutorials
26. Create new User manually Tutorials
27. Creating Roles and Granting Privileges Tutorials
28. User HRAdmin Tutorials
29. Create New Table in SQL Developer Tutorials
30. New Table Using SQL Worksheet Tutorials
31. Insert data in to the table Tutorials
32. Changing a Table Definition Tutorials
33. Adding new column Tutorials
34. Select statement Tutorials

Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

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