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Advantages of RDBMS over DBMS tutorials


Advantages of Client or Server Database over Desktop Database tutorials


  • Reliability is improved because the data is not spread across the network and several applications. Only one process handles the data.

  • Network traffic is greatly reduced. Let’s say in desktop database model – entire database along with indexes is to be sent to client. Where as in Client/server database model only result is to be sent to client.

  • Upgrading a heavily used desktop database to a well-designed client/server database will reduce database-related network traffic by more than 95%.

  • Performance is improved as database operations are handled over server, so client PCs will have less processing requirement.

  • Security is improved as data are kept within a single server. Hacking into a data file that is protected within the server is much more difficult than hacking into a data file on desktop database model.

  • Data integrity constraints and business rules can be enforced at server level. You can specify rules such as “Marks of any subject can not exceed 100 in any subject”

  • Data Sharing: SQL is used to coordinate data sharing by concurrent users, ensuring that they do not interfere with one another.

  • Data can be integrated using multiple platform i.e. LAN, WAN and WAN. One can incorporate data from INTERNET

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