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Creating the new User Manually using SQL Developer tutorials


  • SQL Developer as an Alternative for Creating Database Users:

  • If you have experience with SQL Developer, you can use it instead of the command line to create a database user, as follows:

  • Start SQL Developer.
    This procedure varies by platform. In Windows, for example, choose Start > All Programs > Oracle - OraDb11g_home2 > Application Development > SQL Developer.

  • Now Oracle SQL Developer opens.

  • Create a database connection for the SYSTEM user, we have already created the connection demodatabase_conn.

  • Open that database connection demodatabase_conn for the SYSTEM user.

  • Expand the demodatabase_conn and select the Other Users node in the Connections navigator under that connection.

  • Now right click the Other Users and select the Create User .

  • User Dialog box open, Now Enter the User Name: johntest, New Password: johntest123 and Confirm Password:johntest123, select the Default Tablespace as USERS and Temporary Tablespace TEMP.

  • Under Roles, click the checkbox on grant CONNECT and RESOURCE etc.), and select the Quotas click the USERS.

  • Now click the apply button a user Dialog box displays below.



  • Now right click on the Other Users Select the Refresh, and Expand the Other Users, the new user (JOHNTEST)will be display in the Other Users list which is shown in the below images:



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