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Create new user or schema (Oracle 11g Express Edition) tutorials


  • After you’ve installed the database, you should immediately create a schema where you’ll work. The next steps show you how to create new user/schema in the Oracle Database 11g XE instance. The following steps are such as:

  • Step1: Login In to Oracle....

    • Start->All Programs->Oracle Database 11g Express Edition->Get Started

    • At the Database Home Page Click the Application Express (From Menu bar) login window open, enter the following information:

    • The Default Username Is "system" And Enter the Password You Entered During Installation
      Click Login Button As Shown In Fig Below.....

  • Step 2After successful login, Oracle Application Express page open.Now To Create New Administration Account... As Shown In Fig Below.....

  • Step3: Now On Create application Express Workspace Page .Select Database User Create New (for New User),

  • Enter Database Username, Application Express Username, Password And Confirm Password

  • Database Username - Name of the database user to be created

  • Application Express Username - Your login name for the Application Express Workspace

  • Password - Password of both your database user and Application Express user

As Shown In Fig below......



  • Step 4 Click On Create Workspace Now a new user/schema (TEST-USER)is created which is shown in the below figure ...



  • Step 5: You can now click the Logout link to exit the application. Then, you can logon again as the TEST-USER user.


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