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Installing Oracle Database 11g on Windows tutorials

  • To install the Oracle software, you must use the Oracle Universal installer.

  • Oracle Universal Installer is a Java application that can handle complex requirements.

  • Oracle Universal Installer performs component-based installations and enables different levels of integrated bundle, suite, and Web-based installations, as well as complex logic in a single package.

  • The installation engine is easily portable across all Java-enabled platforms, and platform-specific issues can be encapsulated from the overall installation process.

  • Steps: Following steps are as for installing the oracle:

  • For this installation, you need either the DVDs or a downloaded version of the DVDs. From the directory where the DVD files were unzipped, open Windows Explorer and double-click on setup.exe from the \db\Disk1 directory.

  • The product you want to install is Oracle Database 11g. Make sure the product is selected and click Next.

  • You will perform a basic installation with a starter database. Enter orcl for the Global Database Name and oracle for Database Password and Confirm Password. Then, click Next.

  • Oracle Configuration Manager allows you to associate your configuration information with your Metalink account. You can choose to enable it on this window. Then, click Next.

  • Review the Summary window to verify what is to be installed. Then, click Install.

  • The progress window appears.

  • The Configuration Assistants window appears.

  • Your database is now being created.

  • When the database has been created, you can unlock the users you want to use. Click OK.

  • Click Exit. Click Yes to confirm exit.


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