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Installing Oracle 11g XE tutorials

  • Oracle 11g XE is a free edition of Oracle database which supports most of the functionality of Standard edition. 11g XE is available (at least) for Windows and Linux.

  • Oracle 11g XE also has limitations:

    • The maximum database size is 11 GB.

    • The maximum amount of RAM XE can use is 1 GB.

    • Only one instance of Oracle XE can be installed on a single computer.

    • XE uses only a single CPU so it does not distribute operations between several CPUs.

  • The below steps shows the how to install oracle 11g Express Sdotion on Window 7 64-bit

  • Step1: Go to the link, and When you download the software from Oracle, youíll need an account and youíll need to accept the license agreement. Youíre prompted to accept the license agreement and canít proceed without doing it.



  • Step 2: After accepting the license agreement you can download the software.


  • Step 3: Now, youíve downloaded a compressed ( file, and youíll need to explode the zip file and write it to a directory. When you write it to a directory, it looks like the following and you double click on the setup.msi file.



  • Step 4: Now, Itís recommended that you right click on the setup.msi program and run it as the Administrator. If youíve not disabled Microsoft User Access Controls (UAC), Iíd do that first.


  • Step 5: After launching the setup.msi file, you see the Install Shield wizard screen while the file loads, like this:



  • Step 6: After launching the setup.msi file, and loading the MSI file, you see the first dialog box of the installation. Click the Next button to start the installation.



  • Step 7: The second dialog box is the license for the installation. Now Click the I accept the terms in the license agreement. Radio button and then the Next button


  • Step 8: The next dialog box lets you accept the default location or provide an override location. If you accept the default location, click the Next button to continue.



  • Step 9: The next dialog box lets you specify the TNS, MTS, and HTTP Ports. The default values are shown in the following screen shot.Click the Next button to I change the TNS Port 1621 instead 1521.



  • Step 10: The next dialog box lets you enter the password for the SYS and SYSTEM users. You must enter it twice and naturally they must match each other. Click the Next button to continue.


  • Step 11: The sixth dialog box lets you see the configuration options youíve chosen. Note that this installation is using a TNS port of 1621 rather than the default of 1521. Click the Next button to continue.



  • Step 12: The seventh dialog box lets you see the progress bar, take a break it can run for two or three minutes. Click the Next button to continue.



  • Step 13: Now the last dialog box lets you see that youíve installed the product. Click the Finish button to complete the installation.



  • Step 14: Youíve now installed Oracle Database 11g Express Edition. You can start the command line by typing sqlplus system/password in command shell or the Get Started option in your Program Menus, as shown below.



  • Step 15: now you can see this console when you launch Get Started or manually type http://localhost:8080/apex.



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