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Oracle 11g tutorials

Oracle History:

  • The Oracle Database commonly referred as Oracle RDBMS, or Oracle, is an object-relational database management system, Developed and Marketed by Oracle Corporation.

  • Larry Ellision saw an opportunity, what other companies missed for relational database.

  • Larry Ellision, Bob Miner and Ed Oates, started S.D.L Software Development Laboratories in 1977.

  • Oracle Version 1, was written in Assembly Language, it run on PDP-11 system with only 128 kilobyte memory.

  • Oracle was initially named after "Project Oracle", a project for one of their clients, the C.I.A, and "Systems Development Labs", or SDL developed, original version of Oracle Software.

  • In 1979, SDL changed its company name to RSI, Relational Software Inc.

  • In 1982 RSI changed its name to Oracle Corporation.



  • A database is like an electronic filing cabinet. It is used to store records. The only difference is that, with a database, the records are stored electronically.

  • A database is collection of data. In order to store and manage data in computer system, one will require specialized computer program i.e.

  • DBMS [Data Base Management System]. A DBMS stores, process and retrieve data. Where as

  • RDBMS [Relational Data Base Management System] can help to relate and maintain large volume of Database.

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