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Oracle Application Server tutorials



  • When you install Oracle on system, an Oracle instance with an Oracle database makes up an Oracle server.

  • The processing model of Oracle server is called Client-Server processing, is often referred as as two-tier.

  • In the client-server model, the user interface and much of the application logic is separated from the management of the data.

  • In general rule the client tier generates the SQL commands, and the server tier executes them.

  • The client tier consists of two components, no 1) the users and no 2) the user processes.

  • The server tier has three components, 1) the server processes that execute the SQL, 2) the instance, and 3) the database itself.

  • Each user interacts with a user process and in turns interacts with a server process over network. The server processes interact with the instance, and the instance with the database.

  • A session is a user process in communication with server.

  • The user and server processes that make up sessions are launched on demand by users and terminated when no longer required; this is the log-on and log-off cycle.

  • Similarly the instance process are launched by Database administrator or server start-up and remain active, until Database administrator close them, this is Database start-up and shut-down cycle.



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