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Oracle Instance tutorials

  • Access to the Database is through the Oracle instance.

  • The instance is a set of processes, and memory structures, and it exists on the Installed computer.

  • The instance is logical, it consists of in memory structures and processes on the server.

  • An instance can be started or stopped.

  • Users of the database establish, sessions against the instance, and the instance then manages, all access to the Database.

  • A instance is a set of memory structures that manage database files. A database is a set of physical files on disk created by the CREATE DATABASE statement.

  • The instance manages its associated data and serves the users of the database.

  • Every running Oracle database is associated with at least one Oracle database instance.

  • Because an instance exists in memory and a database exists on disk, an instance can exist without a database and a database can exist without an instance. However to manage Database file we need to take help of at least one instance.

  • There can be single instance or multiple instances on same server.


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