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Creating to Oracle Database as User HRAdmin from SQL Developer tutorials


  • Since previously we have created a user HRAdmin in the database demodatabase. Now we want to connect to the database with user HRAdmin , the following steps are such as:

  • Access the menu from which you can select SQL Developer:

  • On a Windows system: From the Start menu, select All Programsspan>.

  • Select Oracle - OraDb11g_home2.

  • Select Application Development.

  • Select SQL Developer.

  • The Oracle SQL Developer window opens.

  • In the navigation frame of the window, click Connections.

  • The Connections pane appears.

  • In the Connections pane, click the icon New Connection.

  • The New/Select Database Connection window opens.

  • In the New/Select Database Connection window, type the appropriate values in the fields :

  • Connection Name: HRADMIN_conn, Username: HRAdmin, and Password: hradmin123

  • For security, the password characters that you type appear as asterisks.

  • Near the Password field is the check box Save Password. By default, it is deselected. Oracle recommends accepting the default.

  • In the New/Select Database Connection window, click the tab Oracle.

  • The Oracle pane appears.

  • In the Oracle pane:

  • For Role, accept the default.

  • For Connection Type, accept the default (Basic).

  • In the fields Hostname and Port, type the appropriate values.

  • Select the option SID

  • In the SID field, type the appropriate value. : demodatabase

  • In the New/Select Database Connection window, click the button Test.

  • The connection is tested. If the connection succeeds, the Status indicator changes from blank to Success.

  • If the test succeeded, click the button Connect.

  • The New/Select Database Connection window closes. The Connections pane shows the connection whose name you entered in the Connection Name field in step 8 (HRADMIN_conn), which is shown in the below images.

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