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Advantages and Disadvantages of Java Servlets tutorials

Servlet Advantage

  1. As you know that the servlets are written in java and follow well known standardized APIs so they are highly portable across operating systems and server implementations.

  2. Servlet provide a way to generate dynamic documents that is both easier to write and faster to run.

  3. Servlet provide all the powerfull features of JAVA, such as Exception handling and garbage collection.

  4. Servlet enables easy portability across Web Servers.

  5. Servlet can communicate with different servlet and servers.

  6. Since all web applications are stateless protocol, servlet uses its own API to maintain session.

  7. Servlet are tightly integrated with the server. Servlet can use the server to translate the file paths, perform logging, check authorization, and MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.) type mapping.

  8. There are number of free web servers available for personal use or for commercial purpose. Web servers are relatively expensive. So by using the free available web servers you can add servlet support to it.


Servlet Disadvantage

  1. Servlet is a mixture of java skills and web related HTML skills, because you have to write the business logic in java and for presentation you should the HTML, so the role based development is missing in pure servlet. The developer who is writing servlet should know java and HTML both.

  2. The servlet technology require more steps to develop, servlet require too long time for development.

  3. If your application is build on using only servlet technology, it is very difficult for enhancement and bug fixing.

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