Software Testing

1. Software Testing Intro 2. What is Testing 3. Why Software Testing necessary 4. Role of Testing 5. General Testing Principles 6. Types of Software Testing 7. Load,Performance & Stress Test 8. Software Development Process 9. Project/System Life Cycle 10. Difference between terms 11. Manual V/s Automated Testing 12. Economic of Bug/Error/Fault 13. Fundamental Test Process 14. Software Testing Tools 15. HP- QTP 16. Installing QTP 9.2 17. Ex.01 Evaluating AUT 18. Ex.01 Answer 19. Ex.02 Learning AUT 20. QTP 9.2 / 10 21. QTP Window Layout 22. Test Object Model 23. Applying Test Object Model 24. Object SPY & Object Properties 25. Designing Test 26. Ex.03 Record & Running a Test 27. Ex.03 Answer 28. Saving a Test 29. Printing a Test 30. App. Record & Run Options 31. Ex.04 Sample Web Site 32. Web Record & Run options 33. Ex.05 Recording a Test 34. Working with Keyword View 35. Keyword View Description 36. Recorded Object Hierarchy 37. Ex.06 Identifying Objects 38. Ex.06 Answers 39. Keyword view columns 40. Microsoft VBScripting 41. Running VBScript 42. Msgbox Function 43. Variable 44. VBScript and QTP 45. Print statement 46. InputBox function 47. Operator Precedence 48. Cint( ) function 49. Data Types 50. VarType( ) Function 51. TypeName( ) Function 52. Cbool( ) Function 53. Cbyte( ) Function 54. Cdate( ) Function 55. CDbl( ) Function 56. Cint( ) Function 57. CLng( ) Function 58. CSng( ) Function 59. CStr( ) Function 60. If Then - End If statement 61. If Then -Else-End If statement 62. If-Elseif-Else-End If Statement 63. Len( ) Function 64. Left( ) Function 65. Right( ) Function 66. Mid( ) Function 67. Ltrim(), Rtrim(), Trim() Function 68. For-Next Statement 69. Array Function 70. ABS( ) Function 71. ASC( ) Function 72. Chr( ) Function 73. Date( ) Function 74. Now( ) Function 75. DateAdd( ) Function 76. Time( ) Function 77. DateDiff( ) Function 78. InStr( ) Function 79. InStrRev( ) Function 80. StrComp( ) Function 81. Lcase( ) Function 82. Ucase( ) Function 83. Rnd( ) & Randomizer 84. Round( ) Function 85. VBScript Procedure 86. Ex.07 QTP Logon App.Script 87. Ex.08 Synchronization 88. Ex.09 Synchronization I/O 89. Ex.10 Output Parameter 90. Ex.11 Create Input Parameter 91. Check Points 92. Ex.12 Add Standard Checkpoint 93. Ex.13 Checking Objects 94. Ex.14 Page Checkpoint 95. Ex.15 Checking Text 96. Ex.16 Checking Tables 97. Ex.17 Parameterization Test 98. Testing Interview Part1 99. Testing Interview Part2 100.Testing Interview Part3 101.Testing Interview Part4 102.Testing Interview Part5 103.Testing Interview Part6 104.Testing Interview Part7 105.Testing Interview Part8 106.Testing Interview Part9 107.Testing Interview Part10 108.Testing Interview Part11
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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers Part 3


21. Describe bottom-up and top-down approaches in Regression Testing.

  • Bottom-up approach: In this approach testing is conducted from sub module to main module, if the main module is not developed a temporary program called DRIVERS is used to simulate the main module.

  • Top-down approach: In this approach testing is conducted from main module to sub module. if the sub module is not developed a temporary program called STUB is used for simulate the sub-module.


22. What is meaning by prototype in SDLC?

  • This is a cyclic version of the linear model. In this model, once the requirement analysis is done and the design for a prototype is made, the development process gets started. Once the prototype is created, it is given to the customer for evaluation.

  • The customer tests the package and gives his/her feed back to the developer who refines the product according to the customerís exact expectation.

  • After a finite number of iterations, the final software package is given to the customer. In this methodology, the software is devolved as a result of periodic shuttling of information between the customer and developer.

  • This is the most popular development model in the contemporary IT industry. Most of the successful software products have been developed using this model .To comprehend all the requirements of a customer in one shot.There are many variations of this model skewed with respect to the project management styles of the companies. New versions of a software product evolve as a result of prototyping.


23. What is difference between desktop and web application?

  • The biggest difference between Desktop and web application is- Desktop App (DA) is the machine independent, hence every change has only reflects at the machine level. Where as Web App (WA) is the Internet dependent program, hence any change in the program reflects at every where, where it becomes use

  • Example: Suppose there are 5 machines in DA, 5 times installed individually at every machine and if there is any change made in DA then at every machine change has to be made. In Web Application where the program or Application at the Server or at the one common machine, then if changes made at only central or server or common machine all the changes get reflected at every client machine.


24. What is difference between application testing and product testing?

  • Product testing means when any company does testing for their own (companyís) product. Example: Norton Antivirus is the Symantecís product; if Symantec test the Norton i.e. called as the Product testing.

  • Where as if any company take some projects from some other companies like ABC Company takes projects from IBM and test that project on some charges i.e. called as Application Testing.


25. What is a broken link in web testing and how test it?

  • When we clicked on hyper link if it opens Page canít be displayed then that hyper link is called as broken link.


26. When will you make update and modify the test object properties in the repository?

  • Whenever the developer may change any one of the object properties definitely we have to change the same in the OR object repository. If new version net build released from the development department we the test engineers must to modify or update the same is compulsory, otherwise than test will show the bug


27. What is the document needed to create a test case? How you tell it is test case?

  • System requirements specification, Use case document, Test Plan


28. In customer details form having fields like customer name, customer address. After completion of this module, client raise the change as insert the two radio buttons after customer address. How you can check as a tester?

1. First we need to verify whether the radio button is there are not?

2. Conform the radio buttons are present after the customer address or not.

3. Verify the no of radio button.

4. Verify only one radio button should be checked initially when we open the Customer details form (if it is mentioned in FS)

5. Verify the functionality of the radio buttons i.e. if we check one ratio button, second radio button should be unchecked.

6. Verify the spell check of radio button label name.

7. Verify the alignment of radio buttons in the form.


29. What are the common problems in the software development process?

Inadequate requirements from the Client :

  • If the requirements given by the client are not clear, unfinished and not testable, then problems may come.

Unrealistic schedule:

  • Sometimes too much of work is being given to the developer and ask him to complete in a Short duration, then the problems are unavoidable.

Insufficient testing:

  • The problems can arise when the developed software is not tested properly. Given another work under the existing process request from the higher management to work on another project or task will bring some problems when the project is being tested as a team.


  • In some cases, the developer was not informed about the Clients requirement and expectations, so there can be deviations.


30. At the time of testing web based applications and client server applications, what you absorbed as a tester?

  • We generally check for the links, data retrieving and posting. We perform load and stress testing especially for Web based and Client-Server applications.


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