Software Testing

1. Software Testing Intro 2. What is Testing 3. Why Software Testing necessary 4. Role of Testing 5. General Testing Principles 6. Types of Software Testing 7. Load,Performance & Stress Test 8. Software Development Process 9. Project/System Life Cycle 10. Difference between terms 11. Manual V/s Automated Testing 12. Economic of Bug/Error/Fault 13. Fundamental Test Process 14. Software Testing Tools 15. HP- QTP 16. Installing QTP 9.2 17. Ex.01 Evaluating AUT 18. Ex.01 Answer 19. Ex.02 Learning AUT 20. QTP 9.2 / 10 21. QTP Window Layout 22. Test Object Model 23. Applying Test Object Model 24. Object SPY & Object Properties 25. Designing Test 26. Ex.03 Record & Running a Test 27. Ex.03 Answer 28. Saving a Test 29. Printing a Test 30. App. Record & Run Options 31. Ex.04 Sample Web Site 32. Web Record & Run options 33. Ex.05 Recording a Test 34. Working with Keyword View 35. Keyword View Description 36. Recorded Object Hierarchy 37. Ex.06 Identifying Objects 38. Ex.06 Answers 39. Keyword view columns 40. Microsoft VBScripting 41. Running VBScript 42. Msgbox Function 43. Variable 44. VBScript and QTP 45. Print statement 46. InputBox function 47. Operator Precedence 48. Cint( ) function 49. Data Types 50. VarType( ) Function 51. TypeName( ) Function 52. Cbool( ) Function 53. Cbyte( ) Function 54. Cdate( ) Function 55. CDbl( ) Function 56. Cint( ) Function 57. CLng( ) Function 58. CSng( ) Function 59. CStr( ) Function 60. If Then - End If statement 61. If Then -Else-End If statement 62. If-Elseif-Else-End If Statement 63. Len( ) Function 64. Left( ) Function 65. Right( ) Function 66. Mid( ) Function 67. Ltrim(), Rtrim(), Trim() Function 68. For-Next Statement 69. Array Function 70. ABS( ) Function 71. ASC( ) Function 72. Chr( ) Function 73. Date( ) Function 74. Now( ) Function 75. DateAdd( ) Function 76. Time( ) Function 77. DateDiff( ) Function 78. InStr( ) Function 79. InStrRev( ) Function 80. StrComp( ) Function 81. Lcase( ) Function 82. Ucase( ) Function 83. Rnd( ) & Randomizer 84. Round( ) Function 85. VBScript Procedure 86. Ex.07 QTP Logon App.Script 87. Ex.08 Synchronization 88. Ex.09 Synchronization I/O 89. Ex.10 Output Parameter 90. Ex.11 Create Input Parameter 91. Check Points 92. Ex.12 Add Standard Checkpoint 93. Ex.13 Checking Objects 94. Ex.14 Page Checkpoint 95. Ex.15 Checking Text 96. Ex.16 Checking Tables 97. Ex.17 Parameterization Test 98. Testing Interview Part1 99. Testing Interview Part2 100.Testing Interview Part3 101.Testing Interview Part4 102.Testing Interview Part5 103.Testing Interview Part6 104.Testing Interview Part7 105.Testing Interview Part8 106.Testing Interview Part9 107.Testing Interview Part10 108.Testing Interview Part11
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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers Part 4


31. What are the documents required to prepare test plan?

  • Introduction, scope, test team and their responsibilities, test environment, S/W & H/W requirements, test data preparation, levels of testing, severity & priority, schedule, risk, automation Plan, features to test, bug life cycle all these are documents of test plan.


32. What is testing policy and testing methodology? And what is the difference?

  • Testing policy means all types of testing or testing techniques (i.e. functional testing, sanity testing etc).Testing methodology means white box and black box testing.


33. What is comparison testing?

  • Comparison Testing means comparing your software with the better one or youíre Competitor. While comparison Testing we basically compare the Performance of the software.For example If you have to do Comparison Testing of PDF converter(Desktop Based Application) then you will compare your software with your Competitor on the basis of:-

1. Speed of Conversion PDF file into Word.

2. Quality of converted file.


34. What is the general testing process?

Testing Process:

1. Test requirements analysis

2. Creation of Test Strategy (Which includes creation of Test Cases)

3. Creation of Test Plans (Which includes Test Cases and Test Procedures)

4. Execution of test cases

5. Analyze the test results

6. Report the defects if any


35. What participation a manual tester can do in documentation? Are there any tools available for only documentation?

  • Yes, Manual tester will do Sub Test plan documents, as of my knowledge no tool is used to prepare documentation


36. What is the difference between low and high level test cases? Give Examples?

  • High level Test cases are those which covers major functionality in the application (i.e. retrieve, update display, cancel (functionality related test cases), database test cases).

  • Low level test cases are those which are related to UI related test cases.


37. Is it mandatory to use USECASES or directly one can write test cases from requirements?

  • Itís not mandatory to write Use Cases, if the requirements are clear you can go ahead with Test Cases. Use Cases are written to know the business flow of the module/application.


38. How does you develop test harness?

1. Test Environment Test Bed

2. Test Environment S/W and H/W

3. Test Bed: Test Documents like Test Plan Document, Test Case Document.

4. Test Environment means

Test Bed installation and configuration

Network connectivityís

All the Software/ tools Installation and configuration

Coordination with Vendors and others


39. What is test scenario and test case? Please explain in detail?

  • Test Scenario: Test scenario is like laying out plans for testing the product, environmental condition, and number of team members required, making test plans, making test cases and what all features are to be tested for the product. Test scenario is very much dependent on the product to be tested. Test scenario is made before the actual testing starts.

  • Test Case: Test case is a document which provides the steps to be executed which has been planned earlier. It also depends on the type of product to be tested. Number of test cases is not fixed for any product.


40. What is cookie And Session testing?

  • A small text file of information that certain Web sites attach to a userís hard drive while the user is browsing the Web site.A Cookie can contain information such as user ID, user preferences, archive shopping cart information, etc. Cookies can contain Personally Identifiable Information.

  • Session is a connection between a server and client.


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