Software Testing

1. Software Testing Intro 2. What is Testing 3. Why Software Testing necessary 4. Role of Testing 5. General Testing Principles 6. Types of Software Testing 7. Load,Performance & Stress Test 8. Software Development Process 9. Project/System Life Cycle 10. Difference between terms 11. Manual V/s Automated Testing 12. Economic of Bug/Error/Fault 13. Fundamental Test Process 14. Software Testing Tools 15. HP- QTP 16. Installing QTP 9.2 17. Ex.01 Evaluating AUT 18. Ex.01 Answer 19. Ex.02 Learning AUT 20. QTP 9.2 / 10 21. QTP Window Layout 22. Test Object Model 23. Applying Test Object Model 24. Object SPY & Object Properties 25. Designing Test 26. Ex.03 Record & Running a Test 27. Ex.03 Answer 28. Saving a Test 29. Printing a Test 30. App. Record & Run Options 31. Ex.04 Sample Web Site 32. Web Record & Run options 33. Ex.05 Recording a Test 34. Working with Keyword View 35. Keyword View Description 36. Recorded Object Hierarchy 37. Ex.06 Identifying Objects 38. Ex.06 Answers 39. Keyword view columns 40. Microsoft VBScripting 41. Running VBScript 42. Msgbox Function 43. Variable 44. VBScript and QTP 45. Print statement 46. InputBox function 47. Operator Precedence 48. Cint( ) function 49. Data Types 50. VarType( ) Function 51. TypeName( ) Function 52. Cbool( ) Function 53. Cbyte( ) Function 54. Cdate( ) Function 55. CDbl( ) Function 56. Cint( ) Function 57. CLng( ) Function 58. CSng( ) Function 59. CStr( ) Function 60. If Then - End If statement 61. If Then -Else-End If statement 62. If-Elseif-Else-End If Statement 63. Len( ) Function 64. Left( ) Function 65. Right( ) Function 66. Mid( ) Function 67. Ltrim(), Rtrim(), Trim() Function 68. For-Next Statement 69. Array Function 70. ABS( ) Function 71. ASC( ) Function 72. Chr( ) Function 73. Date( ) Function 74. Now( ) Function 75. DateAdd( ) Function 76. Time( ) Function 77. DateDiff( ) Function 78. InStr( ) Function 79. InStrRev( ) Function 80. StrComp( ) Function 81. Lcase( ) Function 82. Ucase( ) Function 83. Rnd( ) & Randomizer 84. Round( ) Function 85. VBScript Procedure 86. Ex.07 QTP Logon App.Script 87. Ex.08 Synchronization 88. Ex.09 Synchronization I/O 89. Ex.10 Output Parameter 90. Ex.11 Create Input Parameter 91. Check Points 92. Ex.12 Add Standard Checkpoint 93. Ex.13 Checking Objects 94. Ex.14 Page Checkpoint 95. Ex.15 Checking Text 96. Ex.16 Checking Tables 97. Ex.17 Parameterization Test 98. Testing Interview Part1 99. Testing Interview Part2 100.Testing Interview Part3 101.Testing Interview Part4 102.Testing Interview Part5 103.Testing Interview Part6 104.Testing Interview Part7 105.Testing Interview Part8 106.Testing Interview Part9 107.Testing Interview Part10 108.Testing Interview Part11
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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers Part 5


41. What is use case? Tell me the attribute of use case?

  • “Use Case is description of functionality certain features of an application interims of Actors, actions and responsibilities.”

  • Use Case attributes are:

    1. Information of Document,

    2. Description,

    3. Objective,

    4. Actors,

    5. Pre-conditions,

    6. Data-element descriptions,

    7. Post conditions,

    8. Primary flow,

    9. Alternative flow and Business rules/interaction implementations and etc.


42. What are the difference between stress, volume and load testing?

  • Load Testing gradually increases the load and checks the performance of the application. We check at what point or maximum load application can sustain.

  • Stress testing: In this testing we check the performance of application under extreme condign which rarely occurs like:

1. Many concurrent user access the application for short time.

2. Extra ordinary long transaction.

3. Very short transaction reputed quickly.


43. When will do the beta test? When will do the alpha test?

  • Alpha and Beta tests comes under User acceptance test. We will conduct these two systems being released. We are giving opportunity to customer to check all punctualities covered or not.

  • Alpha testing is conducting for software application by real customer at development site.

  • Beta testing is conducting for software product by model customer at customer site.


44. Can you explain with example of high severity and low priority, low severity and high priority, high severity and high priority, low severity and low priority?

1. High severity and high priority - Database connectivity cannot be established by multiple users.

2. Low severity and low priority - Small issues like, incorrect number of decimal digits in the output.

3. Low severity and high priority - Images not updated.

4. High severity and low priority - In a module of say 2 interfaces, the link between them is broken or is not functioning.

  • High priority & High Severity: If u clicks on explorer icon or any other icon then system crash.

  • Low priority & low severity: In login window, spell of ok button is “Ko”.

  • Low priority & high severity: In login window, there is a restriction login name should be 8 characters if user enter 9 or than 9 in that case system get crash.

  • High priority & low severity: Suppose logo of any brand company is not proper in their product. So it affects their business.


45. What will be the Test case for ATM Machine?

Test cases for ATM Machine:

1. Successful inspection of ATM card

2. Unsuccessful operation due to insert card in wrong angle

3. Unsuccessful operation due to invalid account ex: other bank card or time expired card

4. Successful entry of PIN number

5. Unsuccessful operation due to enter wrong PIN number 3times

6. Successful selection of language

7. Successful selection of account type

8. Unsuccessful operation due to invalid account type

9. Successful selection of withdraw operation

10. Successful selection of amount to be withdraw

11. Successful withdraw operation

12. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to wrong denominations

13. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to amount is greater than day limit

14. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to lack of money in ATM

15. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to amount is greater than possible balance

16. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to transactions is greater than day limit

17. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card

18. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card & pin number

19. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card, pin number & language

20. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card, pin number, language & account type

21. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card , pin number, language, account type & withdraw operation

22. Unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card, pin number, language, account type, withdraw operation & amount to be withdraw


46. What will be the Test case for Coffee Machine?

Test cases for Coffee Machine:

1. Plug the power cable and press the on button. The indicator bulb should glow indicating the machine is on.

2. Whether there are three different buttons Red Blue and Green.

3. Whether Red indicated Coffee.

4. Whether Blue indicated Tea.

5. Whether Green indicated Milk.

6. Whether each button produces the correct output (Coffee Tea or Milk).

7. Whether the desired output is hot or not (Coffee Tea or Milk).

8. Whether the quantity is exceeding the specified the limit of a cup.

9. Whether the power is off (including the power indicator) when pressed the off button.


47. How do you Test Application with having any requirement and Document?

  • If it is an existing system or if a build is available then we explore the system while testing. This helps knowing the functional use of the system, and its usability. By asking questions to end users and how they use it will be more beneficial. Also, you may work with BA to know more about the system. Black box test is nothing but the same where you explore the system without having any prior knowledge to the system.


48. What is back end testing using SQL?

  • Executing SQL statements to check if the data submitted by a GUI program is updated in the database or not? Executing the statement the data base is connecting to that particular changes, Updation or not it will test. Back end testing is the testing the integration between the application and the database. It is checking the changes made in the database are getting reflected in the application. Example: A new column is added in the table. Here we test by giving values in the application and value has to be stored in the table.


49. What is Difference between strategic test plan & test plan?

  • Strategic test is an organizational level term which is applied for all the projects in the organization with small customizations

  • Test plan is project level term and which can be applied for that specific project only.

  • Strategic test plan is an already or new test plan which can bow used in the future for another project also with some changes in the same organization.

  • Test plan is a strategic document which describes how to perform testing in an efficient effective and uptimes way. Quality lead test lead can prepare this test plan


50. Draw Backs of automated testing?

  • DRAW BACKS OF AUTMATION: Expensive, lack of expertisation, all the areas we cannot automate


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