Software Testing

1. Software Testing Intro 2. What is Testing 3. Why Software Testing necessary 4. Role of Testing 5. General Testing Principles 6. Types of Software Testing 7. Load,Performance & Stress Test 8. Software Development Process 9. Project/System Life Cycle 10. Difference between terms 11. Manual V/s Automated Testing 12. Economic of Bug/Error/Fault 13. Fundamental Test Process 14. Software Testing Tools 15. HP- QTP 16. Installing QTP 9.2 17. Ex.01 Evaluating AUT 18. Ex.01 Answer 19. Ex.02 Learning AUT 20. QTP 9.2 / 10 21. QTP Window Layout 22. Test Object Model 23. Applying Test Object Model 24. Object SPY & Object Properties 25. Designing Test 26. Ex.03 Record & Running a Test 27. Ex.03 Answer 28. Saving a Test 29. Printing a Test 30. App. Record & Run Options 31. Ex.04 Sample Web Site 32. Web Record & Run options 33. Ex.05 Recording a Test 34. Working with Keyword View 35. Keyword View Description 36. Recorded Object Hierarchy 37. Ex.06 Identifying Objects 38. Ex.06 Answers 39. Keyword view columns 40. Microsoft VBScripting 41. Running VBScript 42. Msgbox Function 43. Variable 44. VBScript and QTP 45. Print statement 46. InputBox function 47. Operator Precedence 48. Cint( ) function 49. Data Types 50. VarType( ) Function 51. TypeName( ) Function 52. Cbool( ) Function 53. Cbyte( ) Function 54. Cdate( ) Function 55. CDbl( ) Function 56. Cint( ) Function 57. CLng( ) Function 58. CSng( ) Function 59. CStr( ) Function 60. If Then - End If statement 61. If Then -Else-End If statement 62. If-Elseif-Else-End If Statement 63. Len( ) Function 64. Left( ) Function 65. Right( ) Function 66. Mid( ) Function 67. Ltrim(), Rtrim(), Trim() Function 68. For-Next Statement 69. Array Function 70. ABS( ) Function 71. ASC( ) Function 72. Chr( ) Function 73. Date( ) Function 74. Now( ) Function 75. DateAdd( ) Function 76. Time( ) Function 77. DateDiff( ) Function 78. InStr( ) Function 79. InStrRev( ) Function 80. StrComp( ) Function 81. Lcase( ) Function 82. Ucase( ) Function 83. Rnd( ) & Randomizer 84. Round( ) Function 85. VBScript Procedure 86. Ex.07 QTP Logon App.Script 87. Ex.08 Synchronization 88. Ex.09 Synchronization I/O 89. Ex.10 Output Parameter 90. Ex.11 Create Input Parameter 91. Check Points 92. Ex.12 Add Standard Checkpoint 93. Ex.13 Checking Objects 94. Ex.14 Page Checkpoint 95. Ex.15 Checking Text 96. Ex.16 Checking Tables 97. Ex.17 Parameterization Test 98. Testing Interview Part1 99. Testing Interview Part2 100.Testing Interview Part3 101.Testing Interview Part4 102.Testing Interview Part5 103.Testing Interview Part6 104.Testing Interview Part7 105.Testing Interview Part8 106.Testing Interview Part9 107.Testing Interview Part10 108.Testing Interview Part11
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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers Part 9


81. What is the difference between web based application and client server application?

  • The basic difference between web based application & client server application is that the web application are 3 tiers & client based are 2 tiers. In web based changes are made at one place & it is reflected on other layers also whereas client based separate changes need be installed on client machine also.


82. What is test plan? And can you tell the test plan contents?

  • Test plan is a high level document which explains the test strategy, time lines and available resources in detail. Typically a test plan contains:


Test strategy


Entry criteria

Exit criteria

Use cases/Test cases


Features to be tested and not tested



83. Differentiate between QA and QC?

  • QA: It is process oriented. It evolves in entire process of software development. Preventing oriented.

  • QC: It is product oriented. Work to examine the quality of product. Deduction oriented.


84. What is a bug?

  • A computer bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working correctly or produces an incorrect result.


85. What is a test case?

  • Test case is set of input values, execution preconditions, expected results and execution. Post conditions, developed for a particular objective or test conditions, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement.


86. When testing will starts in a project?

  • The testing is not getting started after the coding. After release the build the testers perform the smoke test. Smoke test is the first test which is done by the testing team. This is according to the testing team. But, before the releasing of a build the developers will perform the unit testing.


87. How do you test database and explain the procedure?

  • Database Testing is purely done based on the requirements. You may generalize a few features but they wonít be complete. In general we look at:

1. Data Correctness (Defaults)

2. Data Storage/Retrieval

3. Database Connectivity (across multiple platforms)

4. Database Indexing

5. Data Integrity

6. Data Security


88. What is the deference between a bug and a defect?

  • When tester verifies the test cases, all failed test cases are recorded as bugs directed for necessary action and recorded in defected reports. As a testing point of view all fail test cases are defects as well as found bugs. While development point of view if product doesnít meet the software requirement specifications or any other features that is to be required, it is defect in the system. Who found this feature is not meeting his requirements, he call it is bug in that product.


89. How can we explain a bug, which may arrive at the time of testing. Explain?

  • First check the status of the bug, then check whether the bug is valid or not then forward the same bug to the team leader and then after confirmation forward it to the concern developer.


90. What do you mean by reproducing the bug? If the bug was not reproducible, what is the next step?

  • Reproducing a bug is as simple as reproducing a defect. If you find a defect, Example: Click the button and the corresponding action didnít happen, it is a bug. If the developer is unable to find this behavior he will ask us to reproduce the bug. In another scenario, if the client complaints a defect in the production we will have to reproduce it in test environment.


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