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  • A database is like an electronic filing cabinet. It is used to store records. The only difference is that, with a database, the records are stored electronically.

  • A database is collection of data. In order to store and manage data in computer system, one will require specialized computer program from follows.

  • Formally "Database" refers to the Data themselves.

  • Databases are created to store large volume of information with the help of Software, that allows to Create Data, Input Data, Store Data and Retruve data.

  • So the whole process of interaction fall into four main groups namly

    • Data Definiction : - To define / Create new data structure for database, Modifing the structure.

    • Update : Insert / Modify or Delete Daa.

    • Retrival:- Retrive information from store database on the basis of Query or Report or similar process.

    • Administration:- Registring and Monitoring users, Data Security, Maintaining Data integrity, Concurrency control, Backup and recovering data if system fails.

  • DBMS [Data Base Management System]. A DBMS stores, process and retrieve data. Where as

  • RDBMS [Relational Data Base Management System] can help to relate and maintain large volume of Database.



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