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Using SSMS to Create Table Tutorial

To create a Table using SQL Server Management Studio do as follows.

1. Click on Start – All Program – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012 or 2014 and Select SQL Server Management Studio menu.

2. It will give you connect to Server dialog box as follow, you need to enter Server name, Authentication type i.e. Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication and click Connect button.


3. Double click on Database and expand it.

4. Select Database in which you want to create Table for e.g. cdtSAM_test.

5. Select Table - Right Click on it and choose New Table menu option as follows


6. Let's assume that you wants to create Tax_master table,

7. In Column name type information as follows, Select Data Type and remove checkbox from Allow Nulls. (If you are not sure about this keep it as it is).

8. Finally Select Tax_ID column, Right click and Select Set Primary Key as follows.


9. When you close it, it asks for Choose Name of Table.

10. Finally Type name of Table and click Ok.



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