Windows Server 2008

1. WINDOWS SERVER 2008 2. WINDOWS 2008 Editions 3. WINDOWS 2008 Server Core 4. APPROX. COST OF WINDOWS SERVER 2008 5. Upgrade / Migrate 6. Upgrade from previous OS 7. WINDOWS SERVER 2008 INSTALLATION 8. Windows Server 2008 Activation 9. Activation Method 10. RAID 11. BACKUP and RECOVERY 12. Wbadmin 13. BACKUP Utility 14. Windows Recovery Environment 15. Server Roles for WINDOWS SERVER 2008 16. IP-ADDRESSING and IPV4 17. IPV6 18. Remote Desktop Connection 19. Steps for Remote Desktop Pc from Client PC 20. Remote Desktops 21. MANAGING SERVER CORE 22. TERMINAL SERVICES (TS) 23. TERMINAL SERVICES MANAGER 24. MANGAING FILE AND PRINT SERVERS 25. Share Folder 26. Attrib (Attribute) 27. Windows Registry 28. Disk Quotas 29. Disaster Recovery Tools 30. MMC 31. Remote Assistance 32. Signed & Unsigned Driver 33. Hardware Profile 34. CHKDSK.EXE(Check Disk) 35. Disk Defragmenter (DFRG.MSC) 36. ACTIVE DIRECTORY REVIEW 37. Introduction to AD 38. TRUST 39. FSMO 40. GC (GLOBAL CATALOG) Server 41. Site 42. AD replication 43. Backup of Active Directory (DC) 44. Understanding USER, GROUP & COMPUTER 45. Create Local User & Multiple Users 46. GROUP SCOPE 47. Public and Private key encryption 48. Trust concept of CA working 49. ETHERNET CARDS 50. Availability and Security 51. General Server Security Issues 52. OSI MODEL 53. Data Encapsulation 54. TCP/IP or DoD Model 55. Protocol Working at Host to Host (Transport) layer 56. NETWORK MONITOR 57. Internet Information Services 58. Monitoring Tools 59. DNS [Domain Name System] 60. DNS ZONE 61. Remote Access Authentication Process 62. Remote Access Interview Question & Answer part 1 Tutorials Interview Question & Answer part 2 Tutorials Interview Question & Answer part 3 Tutorials Interview Question & Answer part 4 Tutorials Interview Question & Answer part 5 Tutorials Interview Question & Answer part 6 Tutorials Interview Question & Answer part 7 Tutorials
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Disk Quotas tutorials

  • Disk Quotas are used to limit the disk usage by allocating limited space to users. Supported only on NTFS.

  • Disk Quotas are used to limit the disk usage by allocating fixed space to users.

  • You can track and restrict disk consumption, so you can determine who is using available disk space.

  • Disk Quota is supported only on NTFS formatted volumes, you can include local disk, Network Volume and removable storage.

  • For separate volumes, Quotas are tracked separately.

  • When it is defined, it warns the users when they reached near quota limits.

  • My computer Right Click on Hard disk [NTFS] and select QUOTA panel

  • Enable Quota Management

  • Deny disk quota to users exceeding quota limit.

  • Do not limit disk usage

  • Limit Disk Space to [________] KB/MB/GB/TB/PB/EB

  • Log Event when a user exceed their quota limit.

  • Log event when user exceed their warning level.


USB (Universal Serial Bus)

  • USB 1.1 gives 12 mbps data transfer speed while USB 2 gives

  • You can connect upto 127 concurrent connections online without switching off computer

  • We can connect USB devices to

  • A> Self Powered Hub:-This is powered hub which can give 500 mA power to each port. Printer, Scanner, Storage Devices, USB External Hard disk, Still and Video Cameras need 500 mA port

  • This is connected to another USB port. Which gives 100 mA power. Keyboard and Mouse require 100 mA

System Information

  • Click on Start All Programs Accessories System Tools System Information

  • This gives you all devices installed on computer and also gives one shot information regarding hardware, software, drivers

  • You can also use DirectX Diagnostic Tool to verify installed DirectX tools.

  • DirectX is used for 3D and Animation, Games and multimedia Applications. We can go through all the tools

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