Windows 7

1. Microsoft Windows 7 tutorials 2. Module 1- Installation, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7 tutorials 3. Editions of Windows 7 tutorials 4. Hardware Requirements for Installing Windows 7 tutorials 5. You can install Windows 7 in following different ways, including: 6. Consideration for Upgrading v/s Migrating tutorials 7. What is Migration tutorials 8. Migrating User Data and Settings tutorials 9. Performing an Image-Based Installation of Windows 7 tutorials 10.Configuring Disks and Device Drivers tutorials 11. Partitioning Disks in Windows 7 tutorials 12.GUID - GPT Disk tutorials 13.Disk Management tools tutorials 14. Simple Volume tutorials 15. Spanned and Striped Volumes tutorials 16. Maintaining Disks, Partitions, and Volumes tutorials 17. Disk Quota tutorials 18.Working with VHD Virtual Hard Disk tutorials 19. Device Driver in Windows 7 tutorials 20.System Restore tutorials 21.LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION tutorials 22.Configure and Trouble shoot Network Connections tutorials 23.What is an IPv4 Address tutorials 24. Note - IPV4 25. IPv4 address classes tutorials 26.Default Gateway tutorials 27.Public and Private IPv4 Address tutorials 28.IPv6 Network Connectivity tutorials 29.IPv6 UNICAST ADDRESSES tutorials 30. IPv4 Address can be assigned by following types tutorials 31.Implementing Name Resolution tutorials 32. Trouble Shooting Network Connectivity tutorials 33. Implementing Wireless Security tutorials 34.Wireless network Technologies tutorials 35.What is Wireless Broadband tutorials 36.IEEE 802.11 tutorials 37.Wireless Network Configuration tutorials 38. Security Types tutorials 39. Implementing Network Security tutorials 40.Configuring Windows Firewall tutorials 41.Ports and Application tutorials 42.Important Application, Protocol and Port Number tutorials 43.Configure Inbound and Outbound Rules tutorials 44. Securing Network traffic tutorials

Important Application, Protocol and Port Number tutorials



Protocol and Port No

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

TCP 20 for Data

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

TCP 21 for Control


TCP 23

SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to send mail

TCP 25

DNS - Domain Name System

TCP 53


DHCP -Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for Server

UDP 67

DHCP -Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for Client

UDP 68

HTTP -Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

TCP 80

Windows Product Activation

TCP 80 and 443

POP3 - Post Office Protocol 3 used to retrieve email

TCP 110

NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol

TCP 119

RPC - Remote Procedure Call

TCP 135

IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol

TCP 143

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

UDP 161

HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

TCP 443

SSL - Secure Server Layer

TCP 686

L2TP - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

UDP 1701

PPTP - Point to Point Tunneling protocol

TCP 1723

RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol

TCP 3389